ant-infestationAnts are social insects living in colonies comprised of one or a few queens, and many workers. The queen generally stays deep and safe within a nest. Most ants that you see are workers and these are all females. Depending on species, workers may be similar in size, or come in a range of sizes.

Ants feed on both dead and living insects, favoring aphid and scale honey dew. In homes, forage primarily for sweets. They travel in both wondering patterns and set trails. Trails common along branches of trees, foundations, sidewalks, baseboards, and edges of carpets. When disturbed, become erratic with their abdomens raised in the air.

Carpenter Ants

Carpenter ants are one of the most valuable insects we have on earth. They chew up tons of wood and turn it into fine sawdust that rots and provides compost for the new growth. Because they enter man made structures they are considered the most destructive common insect pest we have in Canada.

There are two common species of carpenter ants found in Canada. (There are others)

1.) Modoc: All Black

2. Vicinus : Black head, rusty red thorax, and black abdomen.

Most carpenter ant species have other similar characteristics.