Spider Control & Cobweb Management Plan

images (1)A large, intricately woven spider web can be a sight to behold. Despite their beauty, each year most calls for spider control come from home and cottage owners on lakes and rivers. The problem is not so much the spiders but the multitude of spider cobwebs they weave.

It is really important to select  the correct spider web control because almost all spiders are harmless and they are beneficial in your home and garden. Cobwebs are drag lines laid down by the spiders everywhere they go. They are used to drop from one place to another and to avoid danger. These drag lines quickly get coated with fine dust and they become the cobwebs we see and for the most part dislike.

Every summertime day at the water’s edge can be an endless spider web control battle cleaning up these sticky cobwebs. The answer is to put in place a professional spider control management plan. This plan consists of timed application of appropriate solutions by licensed and trained pest control technicians.

Fun Fact: Is there a difference between a cobweb and a spider web? No, but a cobweb is typically used to refer to one stand of silken thread from a spider while a spider web is more often used to refer to the web of threads woven together to produce and intricate web design.

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